Glendale California Private Investigators

Glendale California
Private Investigators

California Investigators License:

Security Service License:

Since 1981


  • Security consultation/risk analysis surveys
  • Threat & Risk assessment
  • Physical & Electronic Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Executive protection services World Wide


  • Criminal Defense Investigation:
    With over thirty-one years of law enforcement related expertise, We pride ourselves in the ability to handle all phases of Criminal defense investigation, Trial preparation, Sketches, Diagrams, Measurements and forensic investigation are among our services.

  • Locating:
    We locate witnesses, assets, missing persons, stolen or run-away children.

  • Civil Litigation:
    We at Observant; turn every stone to recover missing or otherwise "Hidden" evidence and facts essential to the successful closure of any case.

  • Surveillance/Covert Operations & Counter-surveillance:
    Each and every operative is armed with the state of art cameras and other required tools in order to conduct their surveillance effectively and efficiently. We install covert cameras and any other highly efficient counter surveillance devices available in the market to detect any elegal/unethical activities on our client establishment.

  • Insurance Fraud:
    Through interviewing witnesses, conducting AOE/COE investigation, statements, Sub-Rosa investigation or surveillance, we gather the essential facts to fight insurance fraud cases.


  • Multi-Language Testing
  • Sex Offender Testing
  • Employee Theft Testing
  • Civil Litigation Testing
  • Criminal Case Testing
  • Immigration-Asylum Testing
  • Family Disputes
  • Drug Accusations


Having world wide resources in the private sector, former military intelligence and police officers throughout Europe and Middle-East; we are able to provide reliable and effective services to our clients, to name a few:

  • Stolen/Abducted Children (we locate and assist our clients to bring their children home).
  • Business Intelligence
  • Questionable/Fraudulent Claims
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance


When you retain OBSERVANT SECURITY / INVESTIGATION SERVICES, you are hiring a highly skilled team of true professionals.

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